Deception In Your Best Interests?

How much goes unnoticed during our daily lives? How much bs just goes under the radar and taken for granted? Whether due to the influence of an authority figure or due to a lack of the information needed to extrapolate the origin of a claim or a product, surely people and companies should be more upfront about what they want their products/services to stand for and stick their claims out there on the face of it, rather than leaving them sitting quietly behind until someone who agrees with the principle hops along. At which point of course the happy load of bollocks comes leaping out with a smile on its phallic face and its heavily memorised buzzwords in tow.

Alas, I don’t know anything close to the amount of marketing knowledge you need in order to make sense of their strategies, and what I’d want them to do as a more reasonable approach would probably break some sort of secret code.

So as we avoid talking about marketing club let’s move on shall we?

As a somewhat mild example of this, depending on your opinion of the subject and the degree to which you feel it affects the world (despite the consequences of a growth in the market for this kind of stuff) is the way that, especially in more rural or upper class areas, it’s hard to find food at restaurants or cafés that isn’t organic.

Whether it turns out to be ice cream in Devon or a sandwich in John Lewis, despite their target market obviously being rather susceptible to this crap, as they are to a certain much more dangerous subgenre of lies, I would quite like to be able to have the choice between organic and non-organic food and not have to go with the organic option.

I’d rather have my food grown easily in a sustainable manner, using less resources and with other crops in enough mass that it’s not a collosal waste of money and land that could be used for, let’s say, growing more crops, possibly even to people that need them.

I find it very ironic within the organic food circles that not only are people claiming it’s good for the environment (unsustainable nature in the face of a growing population doesn’t really amount to that) but that those who can afford food are driving forward a cause that prevents the amount of food we can grow in a certain space, therefore giving less chance for the people who really need it to eat.

The same could be said of alternative medicine in a sense, where there is a strong movement across many people who have plenty of money for drugs and health insurance, that are fighting for a cause that will make it more difficult for families who can’t afford basic medical care to make the right choices with the little money they have.

Some people can’t manage the basics, let them take priority before you start shoving your unproven ideologies onto them.


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