Draggin’ Scales…

So today got me thinking about some pretty simple ways to confuse yourself and trip up on your logic. If you’re interested I might go into it for a couple of hundred words and you can read along, but be warned, my caffeine hit has just about faded away and I may just fall asleep at my keyboard out of my own upper-taking stupidity.

I’m sure I’ve mentioned many times the whole ‘correlation does not equal causation’ argument, but it’s very easy to look past it on certain issues, especially those that match our political agenda. It’s very easy for example (not that these beliefs uphold my own beliefs, only that it’s the best example I could come up with from the top of my weary head), to see a lot of men with power and assume that males naturally assume more powerful positions, when the truth could be that generally men are more interested in occupations that involve a certain amount of power.

It’s easy to jump from one side to the other on these questions unless you’ve got a lot of information coming in one way or the other, and that doesn’t usually happen; but people don’t like to claim ignorance of a fact, humans seem to appreciate the world as black and white.

Through this, everything must either be one way or another, good or evil, strong or weak, when in fact in most cases this is a case of points on a scale, it just suits the human mind to categorise things, as fields such as taxonomy have let us do with species for a long time.

So try and think, next time you’re seeing things as black or white, or that you’re jumping on one side of an argument for political reasons, whether your position is a reasonable one, and if not, think about that before you start trying to pick and argument with someone over it.


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