Dust Off Your Bibles!

How many people have a Bible in their house? How many people have more than one?

And how many of you have actually read them all the way through?

See my point?

I’m sure there are a lot of books wandering around our houses that we never get around to reading but one as revered as the Bible should really deserve a read through, especially considering I’ve got at least three in my house if you’re counting the Gideon New Testament.

As a recovering Catholic however, I do feel as if part of my duty should have been to at least read through the giant book that was supposed to sum up the majority of my religion, and yet the only book I ever read all the way through was revelations.

Now I don’t know how many of you have actually read Revelations but it’s pretty insane, there are some nice twelve headed dragon invasions and thousands of people being sent to get tortured forever, and the damning of the false prophet etc.

It doesn’t exactly seem like it fits in with the rest of the Bible, it’s a bit like Indiana Jones and The Kingdom of The Crystal Skull in that regard.

God was trying to guide his chosen people to their destiny, then he told them to be nice and then he fought a bunch of dragons and damned the heathens to have to listen to Justin Bieber for all eternity.

In the same vein, Indiana Jones was fighting Nazis and suddenly aliens were his true adversaries!

So I was thinking maybe I should get around to it now, I know it’s a long book with a lot of dry text in it but it would be worth it to say I managed to get through it; I know quite a few people have, most of them either priests or atheists but I think it’s important to get a sense of perspective in these matters.

To the bookshelf!


One response to “Dust Off Your Bibles!

  1. Might I suggest getting a modern translation like the New Living Translation? It is a lot easier to read.

    As you read, you are going to find that the Bible is a lot different than you thought. I am a Christian and am just now reading through it. I am almost done. It is so much different than I thought. The overwhelming theme is mercy…even in the parts about judgement.

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