Haiku Time!

I’d love to do a really comprehensive and in depth post right now but it’s one of those days where I feel much more like just posting a stupid picture and copping out.

How far would I have to go with that to truly jump the shark? What breaks the rules of this blog and yet doesn’t appear like I’m just being sarcastic or making an example of someone, something or myself.

Because let’s be honest, there’s a lot of self-deprecation here, I believe however that it helps, I’m much happier knowing that I’m both a huge dork and extremely fallible.

Let me write a little verse instead, that’s always easier.

Here we go then, here’s a haiku about alcohol.

Seems good at the time,
amazing after a few,
why does my head hurt?

I can practically smell the applause, truly I am a poetic genius and incredibly in touch with the Japanese culture.

Okay here’s another one.

Going straight to bed,
make sure you can stand upright,
or face hangovers.

Something tells me I should just stick to vague metaphorical poems that arise from the top of my obviously non-oriental head.


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