Most Homosexual Tree!!!

Now I may not be in the best position to decide whether a website is a parody or not (and I’ve had to draw this line many a time despite my uncertainty), but from what I’ve seen so far, this matches up with someone who’s very opinionated and possibly deluded, and though as a left-wing non-believer who isn’t against abortion I’m probably the last person who can make judgement calls on someone who is essentially making an enemy out of my kind, this is pretty crazy.

You really have to see this to believe it.

Now I should initially state that placing the attributes I listed above as if they are complementary is not intentional. There are many who only have one of those traits, or only two, but for the interests of this blog in which
everything the blogger doesn’t understand is grouped under the same umbrella.

So apparently if you’re okay with gays then you hate God, you’re a communist and you’re pushing a leftist agenda.

So what does this mean?

Well it means this blogger, if they are to be taken seriously, is a bigot for one.

Out of all of the Christians I’ve spent time with in my life I can’t recall one that wasn’t okay with homosexuality (although my memory is fallible) and I wouldn’t call them against God at all.

But what it means in addition however, is that gays should apparently take homeopathic medicine.

Now I’ve spoken about homeopathy a few times on here, it’s a bit of what causes your symptom in water, in water, in water, in water, in water, in water ad infinitum.

Essentially there’s nothing left by the end.

But it is waterception, so I hope Christopher Nolan isn’t gay or his script will come to life soaked and smelling of bullshit.

But yes, apparently you can cure gayness using a homeopathic derivative of elm.

Do you know why?

Well, there was obviously some intense research done for years and years that concluded that despite its asexual method of reproduction…

Elm is the most homosexual tree.

Let me try that again.

Elm is the most.



Can you feel the undeniable logic underpinning that conclusion?

Can you sense how many rigorous double blinded studies were taking to come to this earth-shattering revelation?


Hallelujah! We can try and make people what they were never supposed to be by using methods that have been utterly disproven by hundreds of years of scientific development in the field of medicine by using derivatives of an organism that despite it essentially cloning itself to reproduce is apparently the most homosexual of all of the trees!

Ladies and gentlemen, as glad as I am not to live in a country where the politicians almost meet this level of crazy it would be nice once in a while for us to all be able to laugh at the ridiculous things people come out with when they’re pushing an agenda.

At least we now know where they hid the gay character on pokemon now though eh?


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