You’re The Thinspiration!

Now here’s a point where extreme fairness becomes dangerous.

[all the pictures on this blog post were taken from pretty thin’s thinspiration pages and are not used to exaggerate but to make the point of what this topic is highlighting and what the website is encouraging]

Certainly there are points all across the board where this is an issue, eg. if one were to legalise paedophilic behaviour (because technically it’s not their fault what they are attracted, with the laws in place however, harmful events caused by those with this modified brain function are more easily prevented from acting upon their attractions and causing harm and trauma to the children who could potentially be involved) that would not be considered a moral thing to do, obviously. Sorry for the long bracket there but after the whole Richard Dawkins misunderstanding thing I really want to make my points clear.

Certainly however, everyone deserves equal rights, however, things that put people in danger should not be encouraged just because it’s the way people are, that’s not going to help society in any way. That was the point I’m trying to make.

And just to be clear, to those who believe that homosexuality harms society and that I should put that under this umbrella, you’re wrong and that’s all there is to it.

what I wanted to briefly touch on today however, is pro-ana.

On the face of this it seems as if pretty thin dot com is helping people with eating disorders find support networks to help them encourage each other to be able to get back to normal.

However, looking deeper, this doesn’t seem to be the full story, in fact the pro-ana agenda pushed on this site seems to reject the idea of anorexia and bulimia as eating disorders, while still referring to them as such.

‘There are people who see out the term pro-ana in order to find people that can give them dieting tips. In their view “we” are the experts on diets and tips to lose weight’

^ This is a scary statement ^

Let’s get one thing straight here, these are eating disorders.

Psychological diseases that prevent these people from functional optimally in normal society and cause serious health problems, with extreme cases leading to heart attacks and even death via malnutrition.

Now it’s not that people with these disorders should not have support networks, they absolutely should.

What they shouldn’t have however, are people encouraging them to remain in their state of perpetual slimming, to be role models for the rest of society and seek inspiration from equally ill people to lose even more weight.

This is inherently dangerous and something nobody, no matter how much they want to justify encouraging people to starve themselves to death, should be promoting.

People with eating disorders should absolutely be treated equally and with care and love. Absolutely, there is no question.

But they should not be told that they shouldn’t be trying to help themselves, and from what I can see this movement seems to be encouraging those suffering from these life-altering disorders to surrender to their helplessness, to give up fighting for their health in favour of self-gratification.

Now everyone needs a pat on the back now again but when someone’s hurt or in trouble you don’t run up to them and tell them to make sure they infect their wounds so they don’t heal up do you?

No, because that’s irrational.


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