So, I was going to make this post a very long rant about some fundamentalist anti-gay, anti-science website I found a week or two ago. Apparently however, my internet’s recently been born again, because in protest of this little idea of mine (an idea I’d been delaying for a week) it’s decided to commit digital suicide, therefore forcing me to type this out on the horror that is the keyboard on my mobile phone.

I don’t really want to go into why the typing system on this phone is so god damn awful, partly because I’ve already been through it three times on here and partly because it’s actually being pretty nice to me today. And despite of my lack of belief in jinxes or the capacity of inanimate objects to actually want to be nice, I think it deserves to catch a break, at least for today.

I mean in a space that I often use to rip certain corners of the internet a new one, once in a while I believe it’s quite fitting to give something that’s doing its job a pat on the back.

And of course, while my girlfriend is in Boston for the week there will be ample time to unload my hatred for this revolutionary gadget that’s just inconvenient enough to be awkward, despite the convenience it was designed for. God I hope that made some sort of sense.

I don’t know if you can tell by reading this but it’s rather difficult to do a post on this phone without rambling. I have no idea how much I’ve already written, I can’t see a word count and I have no idea if these paragraphs are going to be of appropriate length without the reference point which is the fact that online it looks pretty much how it does on the site while you’re typing it.

There should probably be a comma or two in there somewhere, but just trying to read what I’m typing while my shaky hands force this device to wobble around is giving me a headache.


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