You Give [Republicans] A Bad Name…

Just for the irony of it, here’s a nice comment left on my post about ridiculous comments; yes it might be a pingback, but since its hilariously out of context I thought you’d enjoy taking a quick glance at it.

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Now how my blog relates to possessing a newborn is anyone’s guess but if my stuff’s going up next to that level of silly I’m quite happy for my blog to raise a sceptical eyebrow in its general direction.

Now, for something that I yet again hope is a parody.

I believe that this may be the same website I ripped the most homosexual tree story off, but if not, here’s another crazy person who believes that…

everyone who doesn’t vote republican is:

– an atheist

– anti-God

– anti-America

– ‘Just like Hitler’

– a Communist

– Pushing an evil homosexual agenda

– A traitor to America

– Someone who despises the military, the flag and American values

– Pro-abortion (or as she refers to it ‘loving to kill the weakest members of our society’)

as well some other strange stuff.

She also believes that Barack Obama is a Muslim and that the Norwegian terrorist from a few months ago (a white supremacist attempting to fight back against what he saw as the Islamic threat to the west) must have been an ‘evil Muslim’, claiming that no true Christian would ever do something like this.

Okay le’s back up a little shall we?

I was always ashamed of these people when I still believed, they made my religion look utterly stupid and were responsible for a lot of the looking down from certain non-believers who didn’t understand the difference between faith and stupidity.

Non-believers I would hesitate to associate myself with even in the best of times.

I will return to this topic tomorrow, but in the mean time let me ask a question.

Is there any way that we can stop these people from giving both Christians and Americans a bad name?

Is it even possible to do that while being on the outside of both of those groups?

Check out the blog for yourself and let me know what you think.


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