Dear Shelley, Here’s Some Perspective!

In the spirit of the last post I did, here’s a nice little spam comment I got that I deleted because it wasn’t in the nice, ironic place the last comment decided to sit itself down in.

Fantastic piece of writing together with convenient that will fully understand story. How do That i set about gaining agreement that will put up component within the page in doing my coming bulletin? Offering good credit ranking to your any source together with weblink into the web page will not manifest as a challenge.

Do you hear that? I’m writing together with convenient! Hopefully that will fully understand story.

Anyway, time to manifest as a challenge.

Continuing on from yesterday, as I said I would despite the fact I could have been lazy and just posted the three pages of introduction to a story I wrote yesterday, *pause for breath* we return to shelley the republican, a blog that I’m still hoping is satire. However, the stuff referenced on it is still worth commenting on if so, especially this meaty little nugget.

So ‘the freedom blog’ recently linked to a few videos in a context that really made my blood boil, hopefully they’ll instigate the same response in you. And if not? Well, then you should probably re-evaluate your position on what the left really is.

So this next video goes along with this caption: ‘Jesus told us to love your enemy as you do yourself. He taught us to pray for them, to forgive them. We Christians are the salt and light of the earth, but it is certainly no easy task to be a good Christians when confronted with a massive wall of hate coming from the left and radical minorities.’

So someone tell me how these radical minorities are holding a left wing view please. Seriously. Despite the lack of ‘love thy neighbour’ in here I don’t really see how this is any more anti-Christian than Shelley the republican herself. It’s hard to try and say these people are immoral with the way she talks about the left, atheists and homosexuals as if they deserve what these extremists think white people deserve.

Now let me get on to item number two.

‘Liberals are just like Hitler. They love to kill the weakest members of society: the Unborn. We must take action against the culture of death but it all begins with knowing the fact about this cruel and brutal act of aborting a baby.

See how you can change the mind of your liberals neighbor with this powerful movie.

Kind regards,

Shelley N. Goodman’

Need I say anything on this one? The premise is already ridiculous on its face. Yet again, she pronounces hate for anyone who doesn’t agree with her and then preaches to others for being cruel. Something tells me she hasn’t thought a hell of a lot about the actual logistics of the issue.

Now tell me that this is a fair representation of the abortion issue.

There’s always room for debate on this, there is no fine line between life and non life.

The victims of the holocaust were beyond a shadow of a doubt alive.

I don’t want to have to go into the reasons why this is wrong, it should be self-evident by now, but I happily will if anyone seriously believes that abortion is equal to the murder of millions of jews, black people, homosexuals, gypsies, communists, Jehovah’s witnesses and disabled people. All in the name of pure bigotry for Christ’s sake.

There are much more complex reasons for the issue at hand, this does not compare in the slightest.

And if I hear someone comparing this to natural selection I will personally hunt them down and shove the origin of species up their arse.


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