To Be Or Not To Be

Now I don’t usually post two pieces of a story idea up here but given the amount of work I have to do tonight I don’t really have many other options.

Here’s a rough (and as such badly in need of editing) extract from the story idea I posted yesterday. It may seem out of context but I hope it can stand on its own well enough to be blogworthy.

The light began its glow, its pull again however, as sweat began to run down his brow, it took him away, whisked him towards a corner of the corridor, closer to the incinerator, closer to the furnace, but not so close that it would hurt him. And as he followed the light inside he heard the alarms sound, he saw the door he had closed lock itself behind him and he forced himself to run away from the light he could not quite see for all of the flashing and the pure noise of the sirens.
Then the horror overtook him, his stupid mistake had made the decision for him, surely this was it, surely the decision was out of his hands, the weight had been lifted. Was this God telling him plainly not to be before he even got a chance to ask why?
The fire from the incinerator wormed its way down the corridor, its malfunction obvious but escape impossible, and as Evan closed his eyes he saw the light again, it was there right in front of him, so beautiful, so alluring.
He tried to touch it but it touched him first, and as the fire rushed towards him, he felt himself join something else. Had he found God? Was this it? Was the light welcoming him into the beyond?
Flames thousands of degrees Celsius ripped the molecular bonds of everything in the corridor apart, billions of particles forced away from their alignment, oxygen igniting everywhere and ash forming in heaps around the devastated area, and yet Evan wasn’t there, or at least he didn’t appear to be. What was there though was a light, a light that shone brightly even as fire passed it by; it held its glow and admired its ferocious contemporary as it ate away at its surroundings. There was a light, a light that seemed to have forced Evan into his decision in one simple direction.
To be.


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