Awesome Sauce!

Well today was a fun day, and I really do mean that.

Never truly thought that there’d be room for a creation/evolution debate in a class full of biology students but I suppose I was naive to think that everyone knows better to talk about propaganda against evolution in a presentation designated – the evidence of evolution.

I have to admit though, I enjoyed the discussion, which is something I didn’t quite know if I would be able to do. I’m not big on confrontation, but when it comes to the raw facts, from the looks of things, I can put up an alright argument, and that satisfies me for the moment, although I would hesitate to jump to the conclusion that managing a couple of good points made me a viable individual for participation in sceptical activism or similar.

I’m a little too under confident to jump on that moving train at the moment, especially considering the minuscule scope of my internet presence compared to that I’d probably need to get anyone besides Catherine Foresight to listen to me and go back and forth.

If the world was a different place Mike Adams would be trembling with fear right now.

So with this aspect of my education coming out and with my new story idea constantly evolving in my mind (it’s admittedly been hard not to sit down and write it all night long, I have to pull myself away from the computer at points) I’m pretty damn happy with my life, and I know that’s not what people come to a blog that’s main source of entertainment is rants for, but that’s the way it is.

I promise I will find something to get very angry about for your benefit soon.

Until then, you’ll have to put up with a sliver of a smile.


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