Halloween For Lazy People

So after my night walking around Nottingham with my Rorschach costume on I think that’s probably enough halloweening for this year, at least for this weekend given the apathy that ensues after such a night ends and the curse of the morning begins. Damn you awakeness! You win this time…

There is something quite satisfying about people recognising you on the street I noticed, even if it’s for the fact that you’re dressed as a character from popular fiction. This really does make me wonder why some celebrities get very obtuse about people knowing who they are and the attention that comes with such a fact.

Maybe on halloween they dress up as lesser known people and wander the world doing regular things like living in houses that aren’t much too big for one person, not eating out every day, not making angry statements about their ex-boyfriends to get a cheap story out of the numerous and pointless gossip magazines etc.


It’s only a theory.

If I were say… Brad Pitt, I would I want to go to a halloween party dressed as frankenstein’s monster of would I find a much more satisfying choice of costume to be say… going to the party dressed as Brad Pitt.

It may be a lazy choice of costume but you’d at least know your subject well, and luckily enough, you own all the same outfits as your choice of costume so you don’t need to go out to a ridiculously named fancy dress shop and but terribly overpriced novelty props that you’ll only ever get one use out of.


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