Behind The Friday Kerfuffle…

So already wondering just how someone can write a song as terrible as Rebecca Black’s ‘Friday’ and not get executed for crimes against humanity, I got a sort of answer.

The guy’s just a terrible writer, a rich writer, but a terrible writer.

And when you exploit rich parents of children that have been cultured by society into believing that if you’re not Miley Cyrus you’re not cool you can make a hell of a lot of money pretending you’re going to make them into the next big thing.

The only problem is that Rebecca Black did become the next big thing… in a way…

Can you really call infamy success?

Sure television stations and the like jumped to her defence, but only because they assumed alterior reasons for the popularity of the song, assuming that people were really enjoying it rather than what was basically going to the zoo to see that one monkey that shits itself under pressure.

Because let’s face it, besides Rebecca Black’s mother, who really enjoyed ‘Friday’?

Well, here’s someone who did, because he wrote it.

Patrice Wilson.

And here he is writing an equally awful song for Jon Ronson (of men who stare at goats fame amongst others), watch it if for no other reason than to see if you can listen to the whole song without wanting to commit suicide.

That’s how I listened to ‘Friday’, luckily there was no rope in the house, and all the lethal drugs had already been gobbled up.


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