Flying Without Brains

Ladies and gentlemen, let’s call up a boycott on Delta Airlines.

Because any company advertising anti-vaccination propaganda deserves more than just the cold shoulder, they deserve to lose business.

let me explain.

Take a look at the advertisement in question.

This advertisement, you may have noticed puts a lot of effort into encouraging doubt about the safety of vaccines, although it does not offer the same degree of scepticism to the other issues raised in the video.

Also note that the spokespeople for this advertisement come from the National Vaccine Information Centre.

They sound like reasonable people to ask about vaccine safety right?

Wrong, it’s an anti-vax organisation, as ironically named as Age Of Autism.

The advert links back to their website, hinting that people should look into sources other than their GPs to receive vaccine information, and heavily hinting that it should be them the public should turn to.

You also see a lovely picture of their website sliding across the screen at one point in the video.

The fact that ‘mercury in vaccines’ is written on it should be a red flag.

Mercury has been removed from most vaccines for many years now due to public outcry, despite the lack of evidence that it was causing anything related to the whole autism kerfuffle.

In fact you’d get more mercury from fish than the dose that was once administered in these vaccines.

Given that I eat at least one tin of tuna a week, surely if we abide by the mercury —> autism logic (if you can call it that), I should be severely autistic by now?

So, if you would, sign this petition. Let delta airlines know that you care about the thousands of people who die each year from the flu, and that letting them die because of some deceptive nutjobs is not acceptable.


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