Putting Your Neck On The (meridian) Line

So if you’re going to make claims about the mystical properties of the otherwise rather pretty necklaces you’re selling, why not spell them in the traditional means?

I’m sure that since you’re already in denial of the lack of evidence or even plausibility based on what we know about how the body works, that there is an energy flow of life force, that you could subscribe to the logical fallacy of the argument from antiquity, and by extension, agree that the chinese spelling of qi, is much more right than your spelling: ‘chi’, it also looks less silly, and people will forgive you for being wrong if they only recognise the name as being a lower case version of the popular BBC show I need not mention by name, mainly because I just inadvertently mentioned it by name.

But getting on to the fact that these are quite nice necklaces, why not just sell them as necklaces?

Does it really boost your sales that much that you’d rather accompany the accessories with false hope of a myth being true regarding some ridiculous, mystical feature regulation property embedded within each pretty necklace, than just explaining that somebody made them and they look pretty, especially around one’s neck.

And if it does make that much difference then God help us all.

The thing is, if it didn’t appear to be crystalline, you wouldn’t be able to get away with that at all.

After all, dunkin’ donuts don’t go around saying that their frosting regulates the flow of life energy to promote good fortune and healing (nice use of vague and entirely subjective targets there by the way), and in the same vein, bands don’t release records accompanied by a message telling fans that listening to their album three times a day will promote positive energy.

Do you know why?

Because it’s not true.

And unfortunately for your business, the story’s not so different for your little product.

However attractive it might be.


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