Just a short one today I think, my brain having not quite decided to kick back into regular function mode, something to do with a trip to Birmingham and a large fireworks display followed by a pub trip on Saturday no doubt, Sunday was apparently not a long enough day to let me return to the mode where I can write 8 pages of my new story idea in one day, although, given that I’m already on 36 pages in two weeks I think I can afford to sit back and smile at my progress so far.

It’s a good thing then really, that I finished Thursday’s coursework on Friday afternoon, rather than leaving it until now, but then again, I’ve obtained quite the habit in that, I don’t like leaving things any more, I like to do them as soon as I can, which makes the fact that I should probably revise for my driving theory test rather than continue the story that’s swirling its different plot elements around in my head, so very painful.

Anyway, to distract from the fact that I haven’t prepared a rant or a poorly executed joke today, here’s nintendo doing something pretty stupid.


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