5 Second Survey!

Well WordPress you have yet to cease surprising me, just as I have yet to be able to spell cease properly since writing Caesar fifty or so times in the last couple of chapters of one of my work-in-progress books.

I would have you know that despite your 5 second survey, featuring the one question of ‘would you recommend WordPress to a friend?’ took me just over five seconds.

Mostly because I was expecting more questions, perhaps five that disappeared and gave you the finger if you didn’t answer them within one second of their apparition on your screen.

To be fair to you I suppose some people have an internet connection that limits them to only being able to answer one question in five, or maybe ten seconds, but you should really step it up for these sorts of things.

Obviously I chose strongly recommend, but that’s partially due to the fact that I was pressured for time, given that I, you know, only had five seconds and all.

Frankly, if I’d have had time to consider the layout changes in the last couple of months, the fact that my dashboard takes one second more to find now than when I started this blog and the fact that your spellcheck system does not recognise the words, ‘blog’, ‘WordPress’ and ‘spellcheck’ then I would have rated your otherwise very efficient website an eight at most.

Nevertheless I must keep in mind that your website reminded me that I was ‘lucky enough’ to participate in the survey, and however sarcastically you intended this message I took it as a badge of honour, despite the inaccuracy of the survey title, the main plus side of the survey being that it allowed me to write this post, a point which I’m sure you will get many complaints about due to its inherent silliness and stretching for content ideas.

finally, I’ll word your press.


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