Two-Bus Rant Challenge!

Hello and welcome to the two bus challenge!

This is the game in which eddy tries to write a blog while taking the two buses it takes to reach his destination across the city.

To make this more difficult for him he has to write the whole thing using his phone, due to the problems presented by this rule incorrect grammar will result in a forfeit that is as of yet undecided.

Eddy is allowed to write about anything that takes his fancy but is banned from using pictures and videos to add spice to his points.

So after watching a global edition of the daily show the other day my palm was firmly planted on my face, almost as firmly as when I had to suffer through a creationist presentation on the evidence for evolution.

It wasn’t that the show was bad, it was hilarious and made a number of great points within its greater satirical structure.

But what it did confirm for me is that American political candidates, the republican side that is, are getting worse and worse each term.

Now I’ve spoken about how embarrassed this makes me on behalf of all Americans but embarrassed really isn’t a strong enough word, I’m actually in shock that any of these people could be considered functional in society, never mind that they are being considered to assume arguably the most powerful positio

n in the world.

One thing about

American politi

cs that

pisses me off even more than the state of the republican candidates however, is Ann Coulter.

Now for those

of you who know who I’m talking about there’s no need for me to even begin going into why she gets on my tits but if not, well, the quote ‘our blacks are just better than their blacks’ might give you a clue.

Commencing bus ride number two, eddy must now change topics to something completely different.

Do you know what really does cause my brain to explode from sheer ridiculousness? Besides from how long it took my phone to let me write the very word down?

People who stop in front of you and then look around as if they’re headless chickens attempting pathetically to reorientate themselves without the aid of anything even remotely resembling a brain.

Now I know that everyone’s done this at some point but in a relatively empty city in the middle of the day, there’s really no reasonable excuse to be getting in anyone’s way, never mind getting off of the bus, walking in the only direction the rather unkempt bus queue is not taking up and then stopping before you’ve even cleared the bus shelter, forcing everyone behind you to wait for you to stop being a tit before they can even move.


And to my phone I’d just like to point out that nowhere in this post was I even considering writing the word ‘bevera



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