Behind Closed Doors…

Okay, it’s blog time again.

I was actually considering doing a post as a video today but that can wait until another time, after all, I don’t really know where my video camera’s gone and the quality isn’t too brilliant. Maybe tomorrow I can jump on it and give my little space on the internet a little more variety than it holds at the moment.

Does it ever bother you that there are certain places hidden to the public?

I know that keeping secrets in any respect is something that pisses most people off but I’m not talking about government documents or whatever military tests they were doing in area 51 that they were more than happy to let people think were aliens.

No, I want to get into the hidden parts of the natural history museum.

Now I hear you cry; ‘Eddy, that’s really nerdy.’

And to that I would say yes. Yes it is.

But I never proclaimed to be one of the popular kids so let’s get on with this shall we?

There’s a lot of interesting stuff just out of our grasp there, and I want in, I also hear there’s a gym at the back but that’s beside the point really, I just want to be able to see all of it and gorm unashamedly at the wonder of the fossils and other goodies that lie behind closed doors.

Yes, yes it’s very nerdy.

You know I had quite the fascination with the unknown anyway, but when you realise that behind most locked doors there’s just a mop and bucket you kind of lose interest in the mysteries that lead to janitorial equipment.

In my house in fact, there’s a door that leads to nowhere, and I’m not talking about some sort of void or wormhole, no, it’s just bricked up on the other side because there’s a shower there.

Mystery solved!


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