Denial/Assumption/Ideology -vs- Analysis

Denial is a strange thing, one that takes many forms and one that twists itself around so that the denier can no longer see what they are doing. When you cannot think critically about yourself and those who you love, that does not mean that you are always in the right, as many people would like to believe. No matter how much you want to comfort people, no matter how much you want to tell people that nothing’s wrong, take a more objective look before you assume the best.

In the opposite vein, to assume the worst is equally as easy; it’s a lot easier in fact, to actively dismiss things as wrong rather than taking the time to look into the issues and figure out if they are wrong or not. Instead, we should fight our first instincts as humans, the ones that tell us to make up our mind about an issue as soon as it is raised, and instead reserve judgement until we know enough about the subject to form a conclusion based on critical analysis and proof.

Once the evidence is weighed (in issues not based on value judgements) we can make up our minds about an issue without being subject to the pitfalls of either denial or gullibility. This balance, the task of taking a critical analysis of claims, is scepticism, and appears to me at least, to be the best estimate at uncovering what is true and what is not.

Occasionally separate, sometimes political ideologies get in the way, it would be useful to step aside from them until an answer has been found, however hard that might be.

Assumption, as well as making an ass out of you and me, is a very comforting pitfall, however, we should not pretend that we know things until we have looked into them sufficiently, and if you’re assuming a characteristic, or lack thereof of an individual, it would be wise to remain agnostic to the characteristic until you can be absolutely sure it’s not there.

Because by definition, you cannot be inside their mind.


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