I’ll You Your Tube!

Hello there!

I’ve decided to post a youtube video every once in a while alongside these, or at least I plan to at the moment; and this one is basically me in bad quality trying to get used to the fact that I’m actually talking and not just typing, and as you can see, I’m a lot more comfortable at this end of the spectrum.

I find it fascinating that the top suggestion next to this however, is a chemtral conspiracy video, maybe it’s because I tagged the video with the word crazy.

Which the whole thing is, but not only have I talked about it before, I may talk about it again, so I’ll save that discussion for when I actually have something interesting to say about it.

Because to be honest, once you start thinking aeroplane exhaust fumes are a secret method of mind control by the government, well, then we’ve lost you to the happy spiral downward into insanity.

Apologies once again for the terrible quality and the shifts in noise, next time I’ll try and do it all in one take, although I’m not making any promises.


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