A Public Apology…

Hello and welcome to the late show with me, your humble host.

Sorry for scaring you with my face yesterday, that was uncalled for and deserves a public apology.

Consider this the public apology.

And considering that there are probably many people who have accidentally stumbled upon this blog that would probably like an apology I should probably address it to all of them.

So here’s to you, one and all, all levels of paranoid and everything else.

I apologise for letting you know my opinion on matters that may be close to your heart.

I also, in a similar vein (no pun intended), issue a heartfelt (no pun intended) apology to the new world order; just because I don’t think you exist does not mean that I don’t love you. Send my regards, a fruit basket and some lovely white roses to the illuminati for me, although from what someone told me the other week Kanye West runs that so good luck trying to take over the world with him in charge. Seriously he can’t even make a stage appearance without going on suicide watch the next day, but that’s what happens when Obama calls you a jackass.

And though I believe that if you’ve been trying to take over the world for thousands of years you should probably give up, I appreciate your fictional attempts at a totalitarian regime across multiple continents, well done you fictional people, I salute your lack of reality and your fictional efforts.

So after that, I think I must publicly apologise for that statement.

I also publicly apologise for this public apology, because by no means will it meet anyone’s expectations, for I cannot go inside your head and find out what you want me to apologise for.

Coincidentally I apologise to the couple of psychics I pissed off while writing these. I may not believe in what you’re doing but I do think you all have very cool names, although the medieval fantasy character naming system probably won’t catch on in the majority of the public.

Yours sincerely,

Edward Strickson


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