Laws Of Food

So in contrast to the late blog post yesterday I’m clocking this one in early, getting my piece of slander out to the internet before lunchtime, and seeing as shreddies keeps hunger locked up until lunch I shouldn’t have any problems with keeping this stream of nonsensical words going before then.

Although as Douglas Adams wisely put in fiction; ‘time is an illusion, lunchtime, doubly so.’

In fact there’s no biological reason why we should eat three meals a day, we don’t need to do it, it just so happens that most of us do.

Being a student myself, I know that people aged 16-25 can usually go without breakfast, or any meal for that matter, although it usually means that the meal that occurs consecutively in the culinary timeline is either much bigger or much tastier, or both, depending on your tastes/size/wallet capacity.

For example, if you’re on your second overdraft, you should probably think twice about going to nandos.

Although spicy chicken is probably tasty enough to move past your better judgement, therefore, treat yourself, but only if you’re a fan of being in debt, or feeling guilty about not being able to buy your girlfriend that Christmas present.

Adding to that as well the fact that restaurant portions are ridiculous and filled with lots of fatty ninjas in the form of butter and oil, and you’ve got a recipe to be unhealthy, broke but satisfied, ever so satisfied.


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