Two People Sneering At Your House: Riveting?

So with the time it takes for my TV box to let me use any button or hear any sound I have to look at whatever it bloody well pleases for two minutes before I can do anything about it, granted I could just go in the other room or look the other way but the fact is it’s not that whatever’s on is usually hard to watch, it’s just really badly made.

I mean, when I pull up onto the sofa with my breakfast I’m not sure that seeing a load of strange looking people in suits, going round a ruined house and looking disgustedly at each room in turn, is exactly the kind of riveting entertainment so many people pay to watch.

Now I’m not suggesting the BBC air all doctor who all the time but there are standards that we should be able to hold them accountable to.

For example, if you’re going to air a show about renovating downtrodden homes, that’s fine, as long as it’s interesting. Maybe instead of these tuxedo’d men going into every room in the house and looking at it like it’s a giant steaming turd they could just go into one room, let you see how bad it is yourself and let you know that it’s representative of the whole house, but don’t worry, because we’re going to make it nice and generic so that people will want to live inside it again.

Unfortunately however, we couldn’t do away with all that radon gas so anyone who’s living here’s going to have to wear containment suits at all times, that goes for your pets as well thank you very much.

I think people would pay good money to watch a puppy in a hazmat suit.


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