Challenge Accepted.

WordPress gave me some pretty patronising advice to me the other day that I thought I’d take into account today. It told me something along the lines of ‘blog posts don’t need to be long and complicated, how about just a video of a picture.’

Despite the fact that wordpress’ now acceptance of the world blog in its spellcheck dictionary makes me very happy I was sort of confused as to why it would want us to make less effort, give its site less content and in the process become more and more like tumblr.

Because as we all know, I’ve never used tumblr.

So here it is wordpress, a sort of defiance if you will, I’ll write your shorter post, or at least I’ll begin to and then I’ll ramble on about how stupid it is that you want us to make shorter posts until this post becomes one of medium size and density.

After that I will continue to dance around the fact that I’ve finished my point, checking to make sure I’ve done enough words in this post to flick the vs at you whilst keeping to the mental target I usually set myself when I’m writing these.

But the spirit of defiance lives on within these last dwindling words as I refuse to do a short post, and by virtue end up writing quite a short post about how I refuse to do short posts.

Thus rendering this short post completely and utterly redundant.

Or impotent, that’s probably (ironically) a more potent word to use in this situation.


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