Striking Borderlines

So while I try to get used to getting into university at sunrise and leaving when it’s pitch black let me share a few words with you from the blog rogue that is my terribly dysfunctional smart phone.

I heard this morning that the strikes (aka celebrations of a conservative government) are going to lessen the people working at the UK border control and that as a result they’re going to have to get volunteers in.

Now people on the radio are going absolutely batshit about how they can’t have people working these stations without experience and for a moment this threw me off guard, so allow me to be incredibly condescending to the many people who I am sure put in lots of hard work at UK border control, but how hard is it to check passports?

Have I alienated anyone from my audience? If I have let me know and you can have a drink on me, as long as it’s under three quid.

And then I remembered a particular brand of crazy people we get in this country that would be all too eager to enforce order, or more aptly, chaos at UK border control.

So I tell you this striking workers, keep skinheads away from passpo

rts and strike the strike!

That is all.


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