You give (Christianity) a bad name?

It’s time once again for an update on the road, one that I believe I’ll probably come back to tomorrow to discuss in more detail. After all, I’m much easier to understand when I’m writing from an actual, working computer keyboard. That’s just my best estimate, if you actually like it when I post with as much error as usually comes out when I write using this particular piece of multitasking yet flawed technology, I suppose you’re entitled to your opinion, however bizarre it may be.

Anyway, just so I actually make some kind of talking point today…

I happened to stumble on an interesting end to a broadcast yesterday, one that initially confused me as to its point of view before I realised I was being an idiot and it was actually asking a question of the viewer.

Now, to me, the answer to the.question of: does creationism give Christianity a bad name? Is an obvious yes, but having a Christian background and a scientific outlook on reality I’m probably about as biased as you can get.

I still hold however, that anyone who denies the weight of evidence provided for evolution and imposes that denia

l on others

deserves incredible scrutiny.

I also frequently voice the belief that you can be a Christian and maintain a healthy appreciatio

n for the proven while leaving your particular

brand of faith unshaken.

But what do you think?


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