Where Does It Fit In?

So I know I’m not really entitled to comment on this issue due to my bias, as stated previously, I am pretty much the worst person to answer the question of if creationism gives Christianity a bad name.

And something I forgot to really lie down here is the point where it becomes something ridiculous as opposed to the points where it could still be considered reasonable to place God in the timeline of the universe.

For example, let me lay down right here that a belief that God created the multiverse/universe makes sense in a standpoint of finding where your faith fits in. It’s possible that something set off the big bang and it’s okay to hypothesise that your God made that initial spark in the fire of creation.

Wouldn’t that essentially be what a creator would have to do given that the evidence so far points towards a big bang?

Again, moving down the scale, believing that God created life is not harmful either. So far we have a hypothesis or two about how life began but nothing that’s as widely supported by the evidence as say, evolution. Certainly you wouldn’t be doing an intellectual disservice by teaching your children that this is how you believe life was created.

Given that not many parents talk about hydrothermal vents and primordial soup to their children you could argue that at least they’re thinking about these questions, questions that are truly fundamental to our understanding of how we got here.

However, denying evolution doesn’t earn you much besides keeping with a literalist view of the Bible, and if you are going to take it literally there are a lot of other things that come along with that.

But you can be a good Christian without taking it literally, you’re allowed to decide which parts you believe in, belief after all is subjective and you should let no-one tell you how to believe, including me, but when you’re denying the vast array of fossils and biochemical markers you’re not making a choice in regards to belief, you’re choosing to ignore something that’s already there.

It does not make you less clever, or less anything to think that however, and don’t let people tell you otherwise, people fall into traps, I’ll be the first to admit I’ve done things that are even less reasonable in the past.

But it’s not going to do you any favours by missing out on understanding this brilliant story of the diversification of species.

So in a way you’re missing out, the natural history museum’s open to the public however, go take a look if you want to catch up on it.


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