Today’s blog post is brought to you by the letter A and the number 2.

Wouldn’t it be nice if that was true?

If sesame street had truly been sponsored by real numbers and letters that would have made me strangely enough, really happy.

Kids shows however, are probably sponsored by bandai’s newest range of little toy cars that are essentially tiny, static pieces of plastic that only have four small points of articulation, and they only move about the ‘rims’ that they’ll be fitting their real cars up when they grow up and sell crack cocaine to support the new hot wheels they’re being, and also some whores, they love whores.

The problem however, with this is that it’s not sponsored by the right kind of companies. The letter A, so I have heard, is an incredibly responsible letter, it has a vast knowledge of how to educate kids and they are very well versed in what is best for your kids. Eg. not crack cocaine and whores. Those things are bad, the alphabet is good. Get to know this.

The number two however, is a bit of a wild card, don’t let its employees loose around kermit, they’ve been known to always take double portions and give everyone second chances. As long as there are no hot wheels around however, they should behave at least somewhat responsibly, being the most responsible of all of the numbers, except for maybe number one, which, as everyone seems to report, is rather uptight, and is frankly a little bit of a prick.


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