Physical Agitation

So for the last few days I’ve been brewing this little rant right here, not sure whether it would actually be worth talking about for all the pent up childhood angst infused within the subject and the deflation of my self confidence and dignity that erupted from similar incidents…

You get the idea.

The proposed notion that sports should be increased in priority to as important as maths and english makes me want to punch everyone who’s ever been good at PE in the face. Sorry most of my friends, I’ll buy you a beer afterwards, but PE was always a torturous affair for me.

Back when I was in secondary school I managed to time my weekly guitar lessons so that each week I missed my PE class, after a couple of months of doing this, the PE teacher found me and made it mandatory that I attend every PE lesson. Now, you’d think that the fact that I was terrible at most of the sports and got humiliated every time I played them would have given me exception, but no.

So I continued to have to put on the uniform and do those activities that I was terrible at while the teacher looked on with a facepalm, the students laughed at my lack of ability and the more competitive ones got angry at me for ruining their game.

Now, the fact that I was doing brilliantly in every other class was completely overlooked.

Do you know how much I envied people with trophies growing up? People would run around and kick a ball for an hour and half and be rewarded with these ridiculously beautiful signs of congratulation, I’d look up every little fact I could and work to the best I could and I didn’t get so much as a sticker once the school had decided it was too patronising.

For many kids PE is torture endorsed by the curriculum and the fact that some people are getting fat will not be solved by teaching them that exercise gets them bullied, is it not possible that physical exercise could then become associated with negative connotations?

And to call this physical literacy? That’s just bollocks in its highest calibre.

Some people don’t like sports, it’s okay, they don’t help you in the real world unless you’re a professional sportsman. If anything children should be given a choice of which form of exercise they prefer, there are loads of them, and most of them don’t involve the kind of competitive bitching that ensues when football or the like is shoved in the face of someone who really only enjoys exercising in a solitary state and with podcasts keeping them entertained while they try and shed those pounds they got doing things they actually enjoyed.

Suck my balls Kevin Giles.


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