An experimentation

When I write these pieces on a phone it seems to me that there’s always, well, quite a lot of the time, a little piece, maybe half a sentence or so, of the blog that goes a little wonky. And I’m not talking about the fact that my phone just tried to turn goes and wonky into tits and winky either, that’s an entirely separate issue that I would rather prefer my phone took up with a psychiatrist, but one that I fear will most likely persist. Damn this perverted piece of technology, if I couldn’t blog off of you would be entirely dead to me.

So think of this as an experiment of sorts, I’ll set up this bloggish protocol and we shall see how it comes out on the other side. It could be that blogging off of my phone causes serious problems due to the many faults of my most personal of electronic devices, or it could be that I’m a repeat offender, doing something that seriously screws things up every time I write away from a keyboard, a commodity that I dearly miss right now.


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