The New Face Of Evil!

Now when I was in a lecture today and we were talking about the transference of genes into different species to create genetically modified organisms.

Now I know that for some reason this makes their blood boil but I can’t for the life of me understand why, I can only really understand the fear of making something pathogenic and even then, who in their right mind is going to release something into the atmosphere that could essentially kill them and all of their family and friends?

Okay, now thinking about sociopaths that makes a little more sense, but that’s not the point.

The point is that what we were looking at was in image of a bunny rabbit that glowed in the dark.

That’s right, a glowing rabbit.

So what would you expect the reaction to be to such a thing?

Maybe a couple of awws, maybe a laugh, maybe a hmmm or a ‘that’s interesting’?

Well, I heard someone say ‘that’s evil.’

Excuse me miss, but I cannot for the life of me understand how a rabbit that glows in the dark is bad never mind evil.

There are plenty of devilish things in the world:

– genocide
– slavery
– taking away all human rights of women
– sweatshops
– Kevin Trudeau

Notice that a rabbit that glows in the dark does not belong in this list.

No, a rabbit that glows in the dark belongs in this pile:

– a kitten that has two tails
– a fish that can survive outside of water for a while
– a human without a heart (sorry, I meant Kevin Trudeau)

With traits that you wouldn’t usually expect in these organisms.

Why thank you.


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