Experiment 2

I’m back on the phone today and considering I didn’t check my last phone blogging experiment for ridiculous glitches consider this little experiment partially and tenuously blinded.

But yes, as I continue to divulge into the depths of my writing piggy banks I will continue to strain to figure out why I can’t possibly go one day without posting one of these.

Perhaps it’s some sort of addiction or perhaps it’s keeping me sane. Having a sense of an anchor in my life, however self indulgent it may be, is rather nice, knowing that I’ve set myself this daily task for completely arbitrary reasons.

If I think about it in a certain way however, I do feel like I have a certain duty to keep on doing this, even if that duty is purely due to myself and my ever expanding ego.

And talking mostly about myself in this post is probably doing something to amplify that rather dubious set of side effects.

But going back on track a little bit, let us see if this manages to translate into html in a manner as funky as it has before.


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