The Pedantic Hour


Now many of you may not think that four o clock is a good time for me to be considering getting lunch but as Douglas Adams so brilliantly put: ‘time is an illusion, lunch time doubly so.’

I think I need to stop using that as my go-to quote and find something a little more wide ranging because it really doesn’t cover a lot of subject material.

And I don’t often blog about lunch which is obviously another problem, I mean who wants to hear about what I put between slices of bread?

I’m sure hovis would but I’m not sure there’s much of a market for it outside of bread manufacturers, and even then they’re not going to be getting a hell of a lot out of it, I don’t usually pay attention to their attempts at seducing me with their crusts and as such would probably be a terrible person for them to test out their new blog-based market research campaign on.

Anyway, that aside, the life of a student demands, at least in my case that breakfast should be skipped, lest you miss your classes or fall asleep in them.

However, when does it stop being breakfast and start being lunch?

Surely you could eat whatever you like for either?

Are we trying to fit into some kind of vague time frame here or is it purely based on what order you have the meals in, if you have pizza at five o clock and that’s the first meal you’ve had all day is that breakfast?

I know what you’re thinking, why is he talking about bread/being so pedantic?

In response I refuse to answer those questions and bid you all adieu!


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