Eating Your Position!

Given that I refuse to click on links given in spam comments I have trouble figuring out what this was about, searching it only brought up links in a different language and spam comments on other blogs but I am really quite fascinated about this claim, seeing as it relates to the very core of my ‘position’.

I believe that a few of the results, perhaps the post of mine they wanted to comment on as well, ended quite literally in disaster.

Well, the phrase ‘for disaster’ but that just doesn’t sound dramatic enough for me to be making a sentence structured around it, however much it seems like this sentence is doing that very thing. I assure you it is not and is completely independent from the point I was making.


‘Okay post, but not the best Ive seen exactly. You should step it up or sunn gulrotkake will eat your position.’

Now I think if this person hadn’t used the word ‘eat’ their comment, however, spammed would have been legible. This sun gulrotkake or whoever that is… is he supposed to be better than me?

Better than me at what?

By being more of a student? Writing a less viewed blog? Being more thorough in making it clear to people the distinction between my serious posts and my satirical posts?

How could he possibly eat my position?

And why would he want to?

Is he an amateur writer who agents keep responding to? Does he look to me, hoping to eat my position of getting only automated responses to agents?

Does he want to be barely scraping together enough money to get Christmas presents as well?

Boy, this scone bukkake guy sure is cunning, I’m so very scared about my position getting eaten. How then will I be able to fail my driving theory test again?

Whatever will I do?


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