Mr. Adams And His Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat

So it’s been a while since I ripped on Mike Adams.

For those of you who don’t remember/haven’t read any of my posts on Mike Adams, there are quite a few of them and they are laced with oodles of profanity due almost entirely to the subject matter.

This is not a nice man.

However, the reason I wanted to mention him briefly today is because youtube is now trying to recommend his channel to me.

Now, I’ve been on this man’s channel and as if he didn’t get enough hatred from me due to his anti-vaccination, anti-conventional medicine and pro anything ridiculous stance on the world, and as if he didn’t get enough hatred from me for having thousands of followers who hang onto his every word (all of which are one hundred percent wrong) who blindly follow him under the guise of thinking for themselves (ironic considering any research into any of his topics would show him to be completely false, he should really be phrasing it as ‘let me think for you’) he’s also a terrible rapper.

Seriously you don’t want to see a rapper called ‘the health ranger’, but the fact that he’s so demonstrably wrong about health-related issues the name in itself is ironic enough to earn him a smirk until you realise the damage he is potentially doing to herd immunity and people’s trust in methods of medicine that have actually been proven to work.

That’s what a health ranger should do though no?

Encouraging persisting illness and the re-emergence of vaccine preventable diseases?

What a swell guy.

Anyway, I was going to recommend going onto his videos and giving them all thumbs downs, but then I remembered that doing that would be giving him views and adsense money, so on second thoughts, don’t even look at his medallion-earning channel, just try and mention him and the word prick in the same sentence in many places on the internet.

I want to see Mike Adams is a prick as the result google recommends as you type his name in.

Can we do that?


One response to “Mr. Adams And His Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat

  1. He obviously needs a taste/dose of his own medicine.

    Ah, there may be a fault in that proposal; there would probably be no observable effect.


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