How Does One Bait An Agent?

I’ll try to make this short and sweet because I’ve got an exam tomorrow morning I would be wise to revise more for.

While I consider whether it would be worth sending off another bunch of packages to agents with that book wrapped up in it (the one I finished in February and have so far had not much of a response for) I am beginning yet again to wonder what literary agents look for in writing.

The buzzwords of individuality and originality come to mind immediately.

But when you think about it, and look at how many vampire romances came out after twilight etc. there’s something really to be said to the contrary. Now it’s possible that all of the writers of these cash cows were already represented by agents and had previous novels published already, but it still doesn’t take away from the fact that the literary industry is a business, and like all businesses, if there’s any opening to make money they’ll jump on it.

So in that case what sells?

And that question’s a little trickier, there are trends of course, but once a trend is over is it even possible to guess what the next trend is going to be?

I don’t think so, the consumer seems to me to be a little too unpredictable for that kind of thing, no matter how much of what humans find compelling is hard wired, and how much is produced by different aspects of society that each have a large population.

What has always pissed me off however, is how Stephanie Meyer can get her first book published.

That complaint should really speak for itself but honestly, how can you sap everything that makes supernatural elements of a story work, taking away most of the danger, making the creatures basically much hornier versions of humans (and with a couple of stranger fetishes to boot) and basically rendering the storyline essentially a primal bitch fight between two soppy males and their emotionless potential mate.

You might as well not even make it about vampires and werewolves, there’s about as much need for them there as there is need to have farting space ants driving flying cars in Pride And Prejudice.

Nuff said.


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