Don’t Patronise The Dinosaurs

Just to give you another example of the ‘aliens will look like us’ misapprehension from science fiction, let me take you to one that was deemed to be outside of fiction, despite what evolution has told us about how differently organisms with similar capabilities can appear. And by capabilities, I’m not talking about the convergent evolution, that’s the opposite of what I refer to, that is, the evolution of flippers and wings etc. in many different species.

No, what I’m talking about once again is intelligence.

What you’re looking at here is my example.

On the right there is Troodon, a theropod dinosaur that is thought to have been very intelligent.

And on the left is… well, Troodon, but not really.

You see with a mixture of speculation and arrogance (not within cognition, but in more of a cultural bias) the assumption was made that if the dinosaurs had not been wiped out and Troodon had survived, well, the species would have evolved further with intelligence as an evolutionary pressure and the end result would be this.

It is a false assumption however, to think that with intelligence comes a humanoid appearance.

When we look at crows, octopi, elephants and dolphins do we see the human form reflected in their morphology?

I think not.

And even if the belief that God made man in his image drives home the idea that all intelligent creatures will be in God’s and therefore our image, surely what we can observe in the natural world tells us otherwise?

Come back to me when elephants are walking on two legs and have Chris Martin under their skin.


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