From The Top, For Better Or For Worse?

Now some of you may know this already but most people don’t and I believe this is a good place to vent off some of my thoughts about this, and perhaps ask a few questions.

I’ll probably get no responses, but that’s the nature of the game, it’s a dice roll when you ask the internet for feedback after all and unless you mention religion or Hitler you’re not going to get a flame war raging underneath your post in the now toxic comments section.


A couple of days ago, to my horror, my overheated laptop managed to corrupt my flash drive.

Now that may not sound like much but I haven’t backed up my work in a couple of months.

Fifty five of so pages, hours and hours and hours of writing, were lost forever.

I took the disk to a PC recovery expert and he found only two zip files lying dormant on that flash drive, neither of them had been put there in the time I had been using the memory stick.

So now what’s left.

There are still 23 or so out of the 88 pages I wrote on dropbox. Thank god there’s something left.

But some of the greatest bits of that little adventure have been completely erased and I’m a little anxious about whether going over them again will do them justice.

But on the other hand, will this mean that I can move forward without the writers block between segments? Will the fact that I know what’s supposed to happen mean that the chunks in between the very important scenes will be shorter and less tedious?

I can’t tell.

But I can ask for your opinion.

What should I do?


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