Learn To Indicate

Right, let me put this to you driving standards agency, or whatever your name is.

Despite the fact that driving tests are notoriously tricky, you continue to pass people who do not indicate.

Why is this?

And why do I ask?

Well, thanks to your policy of promoting people who can’t toggle a stick at the side of their steering wheel, I got hit by a car yesterday while out on my bike.

The only reason I came out with but a bruise is because I saw the car come around once I was halfway through the road, whereas apparently that car didn’t see me at all, despite the fact I was already in the road.

Perhaps if the woman in the car had indicated and looked into the junction she was planning to enter, she would have noticed that there was someone there, someone that does not have the skin of colossus and therefore does not repel cars that decide to drive into him.

And then to ask me if I’d dented your car?

Excuse me, but you twisted my bike to the point where I had to spend the whole journey back facing my right.

The fact that there were a few muddy tyre marks on your car door should have been the least of your worries.

So I put it to you driving standards agency, or DVLA, or whatever you are, to do a thorough check every few years to make sure the people who supposedly ‘passed’ your test and were let loose on the road, are able to use the indicate function, one of the most basic tenants of driving, to warn people who aren’t in huge metal containers that can do 80mph, because not everyone apparently, remembers how to use them, and apparently not everyone cares when they’ve knocked someone off their bike and instead accuses them of damaging their vehicle before driving off.


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