RIP Hitchens

Almost forgot about this, sorry about that.

Truth be told I’ve been kind of avoiding the computer all day due to its terrible breaking spree and the amount of time last night I spent trying to get a driver so that I could use my pc’s wifi.

Anyway, I just want to say a few words about the late great Christopher Hitchens.

Hitchens, as well as being a prolific writer and thinker has a certain special place in my heart as the vehicle I used to ease me into my doubts. Without the staunch honesty and criticism Hitchens dealt out so succinctly, it’s possible that I could still be in the process of weaning myself from my religion, and take that as you will.

Despite the fact that I knew I didn’t believe in the doctrines I had been clinging onto dishonestly for much of my life it was a very uncomfortable process for me to lose that invisible support structure I had in my head.

It was easy to feel safe and destined for greatness when I was telling myself there was something watching over me making sure that I would be exactly that.

But thanks in no small part to the words of Christopher Hitchens I realised that it’s okay to not believe, that I’m not some sort of traitor to the crown, that I’m not the enemy.

I’m still the same person I was before, but I’m much more honest.

And I owe the late Hitchens a lot for that.


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