Resurrecting Music

So while taking a break from wondering why nintendo refuse to make a pokemon snap 2, I decided to do a couple of things with my resurrected computer.

First I removed the crown of thorns, then I decided to stick the music on and keep the stigmata, after all it looks pretty funky and gives it a sort of edge that it didn’t have before, it’s been through the wars after all.

But last night I decided to get my music back on it.

And I completely forgot how long that process takes.

If you want some kind of idea, well, I’m still doing it now.

And all because I wanted a little background noise when reading blogs and a couple of podcasts to listen to on the bus.

But, now that Steve Jobs is dead and gone, I think it’s a good time to ask why you’re not allowed to access the music files on your ipod. Why are they all hidden?

If someone’s computer breaks down they still want all that stuff they had before, why prevent them from getting it?

People can’t accurately use it to lend music to their friends for free, it’s all labelled with ridiculous strings of four letters that Jimmy Neutron would find hard to decipher and for a company that was essentially resurrected by the ipod surely it would be nice to let it at least be a two way system.

Okay, now everything but the artwork is sorted out.

I understand that apple is a company designed to be drooled over, I’ve seen the prices of their computers and I have to say if I had enough money for one of them, no matter how much I’d like one I’d probably be tempted to spend it on something like a holiday across the world for the amount of recreational fun it could get me.

But that gives them no excuse to be so awkward when it comes to their little music-playing baby.


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