For Christ’s Sake

A few days to a week ago (I’ve lost track of time a little, I’ve been off uni for a week and my laptop’s been on the fritz, sue me) David Cameron made an announcement that Great Britain is a Christian nation and that ‘we should not be afraid to say it’.

Now, what could this possibly mean?

Surely being a Christian nation has no effect on the man’s policies, from his stance on Europe he’s obviously not holding to the whole ‘love your neighbour as you love yourself’ doctrine, and with the cuts he’s made to care working services he’s probably the last politician in the free world I would describe as having Christ-like ideals.

He was careful to say, apparently, that this did not mean that muslims, non-believers etc. are not as important as Christians.

So then surely there is no substance in the whole Christian nation statement?

What would even make up a Christian nation? Surely the concept is far too subjective to be even definitive?

Certainly if it means what Rick Perry seems to think it means then it is a terrible idea, but Christianity isn’t about (despite what Rick Perry would probably tell you) upholding outdated traditions that exclude minority groups and making sure that everybody around you prays before school, Christianity, as far as I was concerned when I considered myself part of the religion, is about empathy, compassion and hope derived from faith in a man who came back from the dead.

You can argue with that however you like but I was always most compelled by the idea that one day I would not have to turn to dust.

So, what could David Cameron possibly gain by expressing this?

Well, the only reason I can conjure out of my frustrated brain is that he’s trying to pull at the large amount of Christians in Britain, believing that if he endorses their religion as the defining religion of the country they will vote for him.

Well, I hope that this country is a lot smarter than that, and I hold out hope that people are not, as it would seem Mr. Cameron is hoping, gullible enough to vote for someone through their religious views alone.

Because there have been awful people under each banner of belief, and just because someone believes in the same version of reality as you it does not mean that they know what is best for you or your country.


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