Bah, Humbug!

Why do we indulge ourselves over the holiday season, telling ourselves that it’s okay to be as lazy as possible and eat whatever the hell we want? That’s no way to be productive and it’s certainly not going to help you to get that essay done that you’ve been set over your ridiculously long break, one that’s been staring you in the face and holding a gun to your balls ever since it was announced that it would be set in the same period as when you had an exam set.

But there’s no point wondering why the communications system in whatever place you do your study/work in is so flawed, get a mince pie down you and wonder why you eat cakes that contain fruit at a certain time of the year when usually anything remotely organic in your cooking process is thrown away for the crickets and the rabbits to eat.

These are some strange traditions we’ve gotten ourselves into.

For example, why do we cook a bird that practically takes all day to prepare when we could just get two or three chickens and get the same amount of meat for much less effort, albeit perhaps more to wash up later on?

And why stockings?

Why would a magical present-giving entity want to stuff gifts into socks that are obviously too large and uncomfortable to actually wear on your feet, forcing you to assume a new primary purpose that cuts out the need for them to be shaped like socks.

Would it not be more practical to have stockings shaped like sacks or rucksacks?

I’m sure the children would like it better, in fact some of the adults might like it too, especially if they don’t have to fill stockings for their smaller counterparts in the process.


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