Advice For Spambots

Recently I’ve been getting a lot of comment spam in polish.

Now, I cannot read the language but from the amount of links and the ridiculous length of each comment I can only assume it’s an advert as obscure as that smokeless cigarettes one I wrote about here a while ago.

As much as I respect people’s choice to advertise wherever they wish, these adverts are hard enough to understand in English without me having to run them through google translator to even get close to just what they’re trying to say.

Needless to say, it’s not in context with the blog post it’s commenting on, and even if it were I probably don’t have a strong enough Polish audience for it to get the attention it’s looking for.

What I would recommend, is that anyone planning on trying to get their badly disguised adverts passed for comments on this blog should first read through their comments, whether they are machine-created or not, and make sure that they are at least legible.

Once the comment reads as if it was derived from a human hand, then make sure it makes sense in the context of the post it’s being assigned to.

After that, you have wordpress’ spam filter to deal with, and due to my inherent lack of IT knowledge I can’t really go into that any further than the fact that I haven’t seen anyone get through it who’s not obviously a real person.

Although I suppose if the program was good enough I wouldn’t know…

But then they wouldn’t be able to sell anything and that would completely ruin the point of advertising in the first place.

So there’s your dilemma spambots, take this post as you will and…

Good luck.


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