No Day Off

See, I couldn’t even give myself one day off, today I am back and driveling on yet again without any particular direction.

But as I sit without the energy to be able to move I force myself to wonder why we let ourselves get so full that we are practically paralysed by our own stomachs.

But then I remembered why and the subject became less of an incentive to do a blog, in our nutrient rich environment, in comparison to our old, nutrient-poor environment, we’re still driven to eat whatever we can, lest we have nothing to eat tomorrow.

These days however, in the western world we’re pretty much set for life.

That knowledge however, does not stop the pain.

This Christmas, give a thought to all those people who eat too much, and remember how stupid they’ve been, knowing that they were pretty much expecting the oncoming slobbing that inevitably followed.


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