So while I try and dig out information about Vibrio natriegens from the bowels of the internet (and I do mean the bowels, there was very little there relatively helpful to my search, you can get a million hits for any number of things to do with nipples and yet when it comes to an entire species of bacteria the internet is utterly and completely redundant) I shall take a moment to turn my head (well my head is still facing the same way but that’s not the point, the point is that my attention has been diverted) towards you and the context of today’s blog post, the wonderful world of my ramblings and their very questionable place in today’s society, as I’m sure all of you reading at home would tirelessly agree.

…Or I could just ramble on about how interesting slime molds are and you could all snooze in your chairs. That is if you just judge your opinion on them by their admittedly dull name, because in fact, they are endlessly entertaining to my brain, or as Mr. Spock would say… fascinating.

As well as their obviously distinctive coloration, their life cycles are really interesting, beginning their days as an amoeba-like creature, spreading itself as efficiently as possible, spreading thinly to gain nutrients to the point where they can map out the British train line system if anything more efficiently than humans did, almost exactly alike but with a couple more connections to make the transport of nutrients faster.

Are you asleep yet?

They essentially look to us to be moving between amoeba-like, animal-like and plant-like stages throughout their life cycle.

I personally find that really exciting but I’m a special case, I’ve been known to find interest in many things that the layperson would sneer upon but I thought this would be a nice experiment in trying your collective patience.


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