The Collective

I like having ‘things’.

Few things make me happier than seeing huge stacks of CDs, games, DVDs etc. and knowing that they’re all mine. It’s incredibly greedy and luckily enough I have about enough in each of those piles to satisfy my hunger but it got me wondering a little…

Is this an addiction?

Is this a side effect of my psychology or some kind of evolutionary artifact from the past when we didn’t have many resources and anyone who thought their belongings frivolous enough to throw them away ended up roofless and living inside mammoth carcasses like a jedi on hoth having a bad day?

Okay that question was too long, but seeing as there’s probably no real objective way to find an answer I think I can justify that absurdly taut enquiry.

As it happens collecting is a common hobby amongst those who can afford to do so.

And occasionally by those who cannot.

Could this be effectively measured and used to determine how much of our desire to stack up our belongings is hard wired?

Or is it simply spread too thin amongst the population to really tell?

Also, along the same lines, is this willingness to collect objects as possessions linked to an inherent desire to gain more knowledge over time?

Could it be that people who strive to learn also strive to build up collections of certain items?

Somebody do that study, I didn’t even take psychology as an A-level so I’d probably the last person you’d want leading it.

And if I had a sufficient amount of money I would fund it.

Then I could use my money set aside for funding research to collect a set of studies that I’d paid for until I’ve paid for enough to let me know that my dedication to science and my desire to collect had run me dry, but at least I’d have contributed to the greater well of knowledge.


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