Have We Got New Year Wrong?

The concept of new year I suppose is a nice little tradition, albeit one without a real necessity, the calendar only ends on December 31st because we decided it did and nothing much changes when the clock hits twelve and January 1st rolls around.

Perhaps, if we’re going to be going with more intuitive ways of measuring the passage of time the new year should come around at the start of spring? Flowers bloom and babies are born and things start moving again, doing it in the middle of winter seems, well, counter-intuitive.

Admittedly I am biased in this opinion being in a country where it would seem winter follows us all the way through to the end of March, certainly February’s always a bit of a monster, and we would have to change the date based on climate change etc. so it’s not entirely practical.

But still it would probably be a better starting point for calling something a ‘new year’.

Perhaps the Chinese have it better, perhaps their yearly cycle makes more sense than ours, or perhaps they’re both as frivolous as each other.

Either way I enjoy the idea and the celebration, I just like to play devil’s advocate to these things within my own mind, and although debating myself isn’t exactly the kind of thing a sane person would do, I believe in some instances it helps to keep me sane.

And with that, some wise words from Alan Moore.


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