It’s Not The End Of The World

I’m feeling quite under the weather today so I’ll just try to keep this brief in case my spleen escapes from my throat and starts trying to gain its own birth certificate and rights.

Firstly I’d like to point out, in preparation of the year ahead of me, as a primer, that the Mayan people (or at least their descendants) are still around as an ethnic group, and in fact, there’s a nice episode of Penn & Teller’s Bullshit you can watch on the ‘end of the world’ in which they actually track one of these people down, who dismisses the whole 2012 apocalypse brouhaha as well.

And although I’ve never actually seen the movie ‘2012’ I’m pretty sure that the scenario from that movie isn’t going to play out either. Neutrinos don’t mutate, and as Dara O’Briain pointed out in a recent stand-up tour, that’s about the same level as saying that ‘the electrons are angry’.

So just in case this year becomes the year of the crank I thought I’d make a couple of statements to start the ball rolling, maybe try and get some commenters from the new world order conspiracy theory crowd now that the whole NWO/assassin’s creed/2012 story will undoubtedly come to a head this year, in what will undoubtedly be known as: Assassin’s Creed 3: Desmond Jumps The Shark, which I believe, considering the protagonist’s incredible powers of breaking the laws of physics wouldn’t be that much of a push for the franchise which I actually love.

And finally, I heard from a couple of people that there were a few who actually thought the end of the world was going to be at the dawn of 2012, and although I couldn’t verify that myself, mostly because I’ve been too ill to attempt the research, I sincerely hope that if people did think that, perhaps as the year comes around and the planet’s still intact, they’ll consider the fact that they are still alive and perhaps question their thought process?

We can all dream can’t we?


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